Whatever your path, stay awhile.
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During the term of this rental, as a condition for Guests’ right to use and occupy the cottage, Guests agree and
promise, unless the owner otherwise provides in writing, as follows:

  • To use the cottage for residential purposes only.
  • To NOT make or permit use of the cottage for any purpose that will injure the reputation of the cottage or
    the owner.
  • To NOT use or keep in or about the cottage anything that would adversely affect coverage of the cottage
    under a standard fire or extended insurance policy.
  • To not disturb or remove the batteries from any smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector in the
    cottage, and give the owner immediate notice if a smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector is not
  • To only start campfires in the designated fire pit, and properly attend such campfires at all times (meaning
    fires shall be completely extinguished prior to leaving a fire unattended).
  • To NOT smoke or permit smoking in the cottage.
  • To NOT make excessive noise or engage in activities which unduly disturb neighbors.
  • To NOT permit in or about the cottage any pet.
  • To NOT place wet clothing or swimsuits on furniture.
  • To lock all doors of the cottage when away from the property.
  • To obey all lawful orders, rules and regulations of all government authorities.


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