Whatever your path, stay awhile.
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We're a family that understands the power of spending quality time together. Over the years we've enjoyed countless getaways together and always came home refreshed and reconnected. We are so passionate about getting people together that we decided to purchase homes across the country and rent them to people in hopes of offering the same pleasures we've encountered.

Tom Phillippi

With Tom’s history in property management and maintenance, you can rest assured that every Tolomy property is beautifully presented and in perfect working order.  Tom has a passion for the outdoors and especially snowmobiling.  His personal passions drive his pursuit of a successful business, knowing what the client wants before they ask.

Lori Phillippi

Lori’s keen sense of style and appreciation of the finer things in life create a perfectly manicured environment in every Tolomy property.  Her artistic flare adds an element of culture to each home and provides an enhanced stay experience.  Lori pours thought over every amenity, so that you can enjoy without worry.

Myls Phillippi

Myls is the property manager at Tolomy.  His entrepreneurial spirit drives him to work hard and bring new ideas to life.  You’ll get the chance to talk to Myls when booking your getaway.  His attention to detail and responsiveness will confirm that you are in good hands.  Have a question?  Just ask Myls, he always has the answer.